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Benefits, appeals and Commissioners hearings

All benefit claims are open to review, revision, appeal, supersession, first tier and upper tier appeal.  The reason the system has levels of appeal is because DWP staff make bad decisions and the outcome can have disaterous effects on clients.

We are able to review and appeal any benefit decision and provide advice on a decision on a one to one basis. Often asking for a revision is sufficient, with the appropriate legal advice on the case.

In most cases the tribunal has not applied the law correctly; even when they have they have not used their discretion properly.

You can ask the agency to revisit that decision and if they still don't see things your way, you can take the matter to an appropriate level of court for proper scrutiny.

Asking for the review, revision or appeal costs nothing but can lead to major changes in your claim, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

N.B. In assessable claims such as Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance where the award is based on an objective opinion, there may be a risk of losing an assessment in which case we will advise you on the risks before proceeding.

If you are confident you can write your own appeal, you can download and fill in the form by going to the Documents page and downloading the GL24 form and get it off straight away. GL24 Appeal Form.



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