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Turning Law into Justice

Our Terms of Reference

1.  All services are provided free of charge or at very low cost on a strictly limited basis. Cases are accepted on an allocation basis against a limited resource of time and availability. Some cases that only require a brief telephone call, in which case most if not all cases are accepted on this basis, without a client care letter. Some cases require one or two letters writing, these are generally handled in rotation on a non-priority basis; where we advise you what needs to go in each letter, can be handled with or without a client care letter. Other cases although quite large can be routine and can be dealt with in a few moments and are supported with a full pre-written client care manual or literature; this is especially true of benefit or debt matters. Other matters which require court attendances are accepted on a very limited basis and usually on a priority of circumstance and against prevailing availability, health, commitments and suitability. Clients may have to pay certain external fees such as court fees.


n.b. Clients may be asked to make a contribution to the charities overheads by way of a fixed one off fee or a periodical retainer, at very low cost.


2.  In any event, no responsibility is accepted or imputed that we will take a case, or once taken we will produce a client care letter as this is simply not possible in all cases.


3.  All enquiries are recorded in writing as an attendance note.


4.  Our time is very restricted and where we are not able to provide assistance, we will refer to a Law Centre where legal aid is available or to a law firm dealing with the appropriate law area and we will where possible refer to a legal aid franchise holding firm.


5. All advice is provided on the basis of the facts presented and recorded by us and no liability is accepted for any advice or other matter flowing from a case where our advice has not be followed or where the facts do not support the evidence as provided by you.


6. Such other terms of reference shall be included in the client care letter where appropriate. 

7. We are free to decline to act, refrain from acting, remove ourselves from the court record as acting and present professional embarrassment letters where appropriate and shall not be liable to you in any event.

We send every client a full terms and conditions booklet and a contract which details fully our terms and your rights.

                  A registered charity in the UK Number 1142202




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