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Turning Law into Justice

Veteran and Serving personnel

We provide advice and support for the ex-service and currently serving community by providing: -


Debt advice and writing debts off (four million pounds so far)


Claiming state benefits(see our welfare benefits page)


Leaving the forces and issues associated with discharge, including missing red books and service records, medical records and all of those administrative things that never seem to get done for you.


Appealing decisions and representation at all forms of tribunal and courts martial


Bringing claims for pensions and Armed Forces Compensation (see our library of forms page)


Housing advice (see our housing page)


If you are an ex-service person yourself, are or were a dependant or closely care for an ex-service person we can help.


We can help even where eligibility for help from other ex-services bodies like the Legion and SSAFA is not possible.  Email to check, don't assume because you have been turned away from other bodies we can't help because we can and often do! We are not governed by a charter we are governed by availability!


We receive referrals from SSAFA Forces Help and Royal British Legion caseworkers and clients directly in some cases where there is no caseworker-email in any event.



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