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Profile and Executive Summary

Alan makes my arthritis feel better

Reita Clark MBE, Chair, Law Centres Federation.

Practice Profile

We specialize in all aspects of discrimination, human rights and public law as well as military law and social welfare law. We represent clients in courts and tribunals at all levels and also act as litigation friend or mental health advocate where appropriate. We are foremost vulnerable persons advocates, working with community groups and national organisations to provide advocacy and advice to social law clients particularly the profoundly disabled. We also help on an in-house or ad-hoc basis, the charities we work with.

We also operate the renowned debt counselling service to clients who need their debts writing off by creditors.  This service receives the highest acclaim and provides clients with a fresh start without the distress of bankruptcy and Individual Voluntary Arrangements.

JAFLAS lawyers are regularly instructed in claims under Part III and IV Disability Discrimination Act.  (as amended by the Equality Act.) Additionally we provide advice and a redrafting service on claims to client who have started their own proceedings, for all disability related claims and offers professional opinion on viability and prospects of success both for fresh claims and appeals.

JAFLAS members specialize in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy. Our members have graduate qualifications in clinical neuropsychology and are admitted to the Royal Society of Medicine and the British Psychological Society. We do not practice clinically day to day in psychology but maintain a strong professional interest to support our work representing disabled and mental health clients.

Our areas of special interest are psychological injury, education, military law, medical ethics, human rights and public law. We work mainly in the civil courts in education, employment, mental health and general civil litigation. We also undertake advocacy for persons with special needs, physical disabilities and have extensive mental health and learning disability advocacy experience. 

We also advise on constitutional law and public law matters at local and national level and JAFLAS provides advice and advocacy to clients seeking judicial review and those who seek to challenge local government or public body decisions. 

We provide a unique military tribunal and Courts Martial advisory service and provide assessment of cases and representation both at military courts and service personnel grievance procedure hearings and trials.  Our lawyers have been described as ?rigged for silent running? and others have remarked that when JAFLAS gets on your case ?the torpedoes are already in the water!?

JAFLAS provides advice leading up to and assistance during disciplinary proceedings of all types and formats and gives a case evaluation early in each case to allow clients to decide what their options are early on.

Children and parents receive assistance when facing various school and university hearings (for exclusion or poor attendance as examples.) JAFLAS makes formal representations using precise legal arguments on appeals to  Vice and Visitor hearings or to boards of governors or the local authority and educational psychology departments.

Our team also advises on drafting regulating documents, constitutions, rule books and policies affecting many different areas of law for a variety of community clients.  We can advise on policy making and current law as well as providing independent scrutiny of decisions as an 'outside' appeal service.

Our staff sit as Referees or mediators on civil obligations (contract, negligence, nuisance, discrimination) and commercial cases (for charities and not-for-profit bodies only) and undertake both paper and full trial references.  We also offer telephone mediation and fac to face mediation and med-arb as well as arbitration.

We also examine accounts as a Charity Commission Independent Examiners.

We advise charities, businesses (in the not-for-profit sector) and private individual or family clients. We only accept instructions through law firms, lead bodies or on an agency basis from the British Institution of Learning Disabilities or from private individuals from this website.

JAFLAS also provides a specialist service called ?Committee Assistance? where advice and opinion together with on-board or behind the scenes support is provided to not-for-profit bodies. 

Our Director is a serving Chair of Governors and member of the Governors Executive Panel for Rochdale, is a mental health and learning disabilities advocate and a licensed debt counsellor.



Jonathan Morley, Chief Executive (Business Development) Halifax plc


Alan argues from a sound factual and evidential basis and his ability to look objectively at very complex situations is of great benefit to us all. Alan is a person of outstanding good character and exceptionally good humour, he is reliable and without vice.

His Worship Ghulam Shah Shahzad J.P, Chair, Rochdale Law Centre.





Paul Daubney RN.

Paul Daubney was the inspiration for so much of the work that JAFLAS undertakes. 








Sadly Paul died shortly after we had helped him through a troublesome period in his life.  It was determined by the Coroner that the only possible verdict was an open verdict; we sincerely believe that he had taken his own life.  Having fought on his own for so long with debts, he sought help from our chairman and he was successful in bringing matters to a satisfactory end.  Paul was plagued with creditors sending him letters demanding money he was unable to pay.  Paul is sadly missed and we work today to make sure no one else goes through what Paul so bravely endured.


Paul was a winchman and worked on recovering injured collegues from the freezing waters around the Faulkland Islands, he saw many freinds and collegues injured and killed in the campaign.


He died alone.


We will remember him.





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