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Emergency Protection Injunctions (Domestic violence/child welfare)

If you or a child you care for needs protection from a dangerous person immediately our Emergency Injunction will give you that protection right away.

Where you or a child you care for is at 'any risk of significant harm to the applicant or child' we can make an emergency injunction application out of court hours under s45 of the Family Law Act 1996.

Sometimes this is referred to as a restraining order or a domestic violence injunction but it goes much further.

This order can include occupation rights giving you the right to exclusive occupation of a dwelling and this will prevent the offender from living there and from harrassing you.

Why use a s45 application?

If the police attend and your opponent is behaving reasonably at the time they arrive the police will simply ask them to leave. If you have an emergency protection injunction in place it carries an automatic arrest component which means the police have to arrest the offender and bring them to court to answer contempt of court proceedings.

An emergency order can only be applied for if there is a real and present danger of harm to the applicant or the child if an order is not granted immediately, if you feel at risk of immediate danger then this is the application you need us to make.


In the event that you need our services for this type of order: -

1. Use the Online Request for Help form on the left hand side of the screen and we will get back to you straight away or click here: REQUEST HELP.

2. Once you have done this (if between 7am and before 11pm)call our pager service on  07666 86 82 1307666 86 82 13 otherwise the form will get to us in an emergency anyway.

If you are a member of JAFLAS already you can go to the Main Contact Details page and use our pager service.

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