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Please leave us a testimonial of how we helped you and how you found the service. Your comments are important as new and prospective clients take testimonials seriously as do we. Thank you.

Quotes Dear Dr.Blacker, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your professionalism and conduct when dealing with my case and unlike other legal professionals you were willing to take on my case without monetary gains being the prime influence in the case. I will never be able to thank you enough and other firms didn't seem to want to spend the time to help me. I will be personally recommending you to any other people who may find themselves in need of legal counsel, Because in the court room environment you really are master of the game. Heartfelt thanks Diana Goodwin Conviction overturned on appeal 03/08/12 Quotes
Diana Goodwin
Conviction overturned!

Quotes We had the help and support of Mr Blacker after we had been introduced to him via a family member. He was honest, supportive, helpful, professional and quick in his dealings with us and our review for DLA. Because of him our review was successful and we are really grateful for his help in a case that we thought would be unsuccessful. I would definately recommend him to any friends or colleagues who need professional advice or support and I would definately use his services again if needed. Quotes
Happy mum and son

Quotes I was provided with Dr Blacker's contact details by chance really from an old colleague of his. At this time I was struggling to cope with the pressures of the situation I found myself in. Dr Blacker was the only person I spoke with (having spoken with numerous solicitors) who had any idea of how to challenge the necessary authorities in order for me to move forward. I have found him to be an extremely professional and knowledgable man and without his support I would not have been able to move forward in any way. Dr Blacker is continuing to offer me support in achieving my goal of returning to work. I am and will be eternally grateful to Dr Blacker.........the man is a star!!! Quotes

Quotes As a SSAFA Caseworker I have submitted several Cases to JAFLAS , All have been dealt with in the above manner . I look forward to the future . Quotes
Immediate . Professional . Effective .

Quotes I first met Dr Blacker seven years ago (2003) at a charity meeting , He told us then how he handled debt for clients and true to his word, he assisted by getting creditors to write off these debts and neither expected nor was paid one penny. The sum written off for hardship clients is now four million pounds! Well done Alan keep up the good work. Alf Isherwood Quotes
From a recently retired SSAFA div sec and caseworker

Quotes After months of anguish, I was given Dr Blacker and JAFLAS' name to enqure about help with my debt. I have tried for help with all the usual CAB etc, all of whom have told me nothing new and have offered me pretty much no help what so ever. Yesterday I rang George the PA to Dr Blacker, he was friendly helpful and most importantly unjudgemental! George provided me with a lot of information into credit companies and guided me through my next step for help with JAFLAS. Finally I feel some hope and not just gloom and doom. Quotes
'light at the end of the tunnel'

Quotes I firmly believed that there was no such thing as "A Free Lunch" in this world, I was wrong. JAFLAS is Free. Like it says on the tin, "It's completely FREE". They do as they say and they do it in a fast, highly efficient manner and left me a completely satisfied, worry free client. Thank you. Quotes
Satisfied Father

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